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@Devils Child Nice suggestion. I will see what i can do on that part .

A big reason that we do not push that much on the urls to be provided is due to the reason that when clicked on the link from here, the website does knows that the traffic is generated from crackingstation.com and if smart they can easily ban that account and ips of the users. 

Thus when it does carry a pro it does also have a major con also. 

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I am No Tech guy, so I dont understand how they could see and ban the Account.

Well here is another Idea, How about a section where your Members can find the URL address's of different sites, and they can Copy and Paste the URL Address.

And the Person Posting the Password could check and see if that URL Address is Posted.

You could have different sections for Porn-Streaming-VPN etc.

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@Devils Child it will be the same thing because the urls will be used eventually  and reference will be made. Sites do track based on http referrer, cookies and various scripts. Also we need to look into it from another angle where it makes it easier for the password posters too, thus i have left that option on the users who are posting to make the decision which they consider best in regards to their style, time and etc.



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