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  1. @Christopher welcome on the forum mate .... how are you doing ? Hope every thing is fine where you live.
  2. Hello @Christopher. Welcome on crackingstation.com .
  3. Hello @jwjon1, It has not downgraded, it is twitched so that it does not complicate the overall system. There are many reasons for that for the development of diamond group: Firstly we try our best to crack every site that the vip requests, if you go over the request section you will see that over the past year, we have received sites that have computer generated user and pass, have some sort of recapthca, even is some email or sort of verification is required and we have cracked it, but time wise and financially it was not a wise decision. Reason behind it is that 99.999 % sites are doable but if I start cracking a single website which can take me days to crack then surely I might be doing a vip a favor but with other vips it would not be fair because in the end I end up cracking a single request compared to where the other vips do not get anything. Now to solve that there are two ways, one either I increase my capacity of the server that i am utilizing for cracking purposes or either I start giving more time. I myself am doing as a hobby and want to keep it as it is, and similarly others are also doing it as a hobby. Secondly, you yourself would have noticed site securities have increased and it will keep on increasing and to tackle those security features you have to rely on more tools which means investment for us and similarly extra care when using that account for vips, for example in case of cam accounts and they generally end up quickly, thus so they active more longer, and users that are willing to share on that investment for that sole purpose. Thirdly, a cracker might end cracking account or accounts that is rare to him also, but he wants to share with others to show off but knows that too much use and it will die or get used up quickly. Diamond group is not created in competition of Vip Group but it is a parallel group, which allows us to keep competition within our crackers alive because if crackers feel that they have to spend time decision making which one to post and which one not to it all will become a hard decision 🙂 and with out crackers there isn't any cracking site honestly :). Also you might have already seen uptill now that we are regularly posting the accounts in vip as peviously thus nothing has changed, apart from giving crackers another section which they can utilize to post stuff, ,and if a user things that it is worth it then he or she can purchase the subscription to that section. We already have gotten two diamond users and those two diamond users have been with the site almost from the very start. Both the options that you have listed are available and on the table, only rule is that you have to message @Nad or @littlegrnbx in regards to that diamond section and whether you can join it or not, if approved which ever option you feel choosing we can work on that. I would also like to point out if two other vips got diamond, your or any other vips chances should be same, thus why not go for it if you are interested. If any question then please feel free to update me :). Regards, Cybershark
  4. Hello CrackingStation Community, As per on request of many members we, Crackingstation.com team, proudly launches a new section known as Diamond Section. The benefits of the Diamond Section are as follows: 1) The diamond section will have a separate and concentrated section for cam sites. As cam site are usually hard to crack in comparison to regular sites, diamond section will more focus will be on cam sites. 2) Anything that is rarer and considered as higher quality than the quality of accounts within our vip is most likely will be posted to diamond section and can be found there. Not only it will focus on more rare sites but sites that accounts of higher quality and that are hugh in demand and request by general population also, such as onlyfans, manyvids and similar type of sites. Remember what might be rare for you, can be rare for a cracker too thus the value of that item is greater than thought for both parties and usually a cracker would like to share with fewer people to keep the account intact. 3) Highest priority will be given to diamond requests. Have a site that you think as uncrackable, not any more, diamond requests are almost Guaranteed to be completed. 4) Will include much more exclusive combos, passfiles and configs. 5) A diamond user will have access to vip sections and advantages that a vip user also has. Please check this thread to learn about vip advantages: [Hidden Content] 6) Diamond users will have their own distinguished color. Who can obtain diamond membership: Only the ones that Crackingstation.com team deem as our long time supporters and ones that we put our trust on would be able to obtain access to diamond membership. It is free to all to try for it, but chances for a newly registered member is almost zero when compared with a long term vip. Diamond Membership Prices 1 Month Membership: 36€ 2 Month Membership: 75€ 3 Month Membership: 100€ 6 Month Membership: 175€ ( 1 month is free - based on pricing ) 1 Year Membership: 300€ (More than 2 months free - based on pricing) To buy Diamond Membership for Cracking Station via payal contact @Nad OR @littlegrnbx For any payment to be done vial bitcoins please feel free to contact @Nad OR @littlegrnbx OR @Sphinx via Skype or through Private Message.
  5. Hello @jotaeme Welcome to the community. We hope that you do enjoy your stay. Regards, Cybershark
  6. Well if there was an award for dumb, dumber and dumbest, you would win all three of them. As it is your first post on the forum, welcome to the forum and also good bye for breaking the rule.
  7. Hi juudyyy , with double u and triple y. Welcome and I wanted to ask how did you want us.
  8. Hahaha, might be proving that he can copy and paste lols. Btw @gokku83 and @analfreak2 I have pmd you the details.
  9. Hello @ducatij it is copy and paste, but honestly it will require time each day. Sure, I will send you the information in the pm. @metro49 I have also send you the details in the pm.
  10. @damna, please check your pm. Replied with details. Will keep you updated. In the mean time if you have any question then please do let me know.
  11. @fapper007 Here posted:
  12. @Devils Child well he did dodged the trailer because republicans do not want to one of their part member, especially the President, to disqualified or face trail. Same would be the case if it was democrats but honestly trump does not have guts to make reliable decision. For example in relation to Corona virus. When you have already gotten the stimulus bill signed then why aren't you locking down properly, why are businesses which are not essential even allowed to remain open. Regards, Cybershark
  13. @Devils Child check pm , more info related to website send. If any question then please do let me know.
  14. Hello Community Members, How is everyone doing? I am currently planning of opening a new website. For that website I require posters, people who can copy and paste posts from the sources provided to this new website. NOTE: The website's concept is related to education and studies, not cracking, accounts, configs, combos and etc. The advantage that I can give to poster on behalf of posting on the new website is FREE VIP (cannot request though) or either completion of two to three requests based on how difficult they are, or even money. Please note I can provide you with money based on your time spend once the new website starts earning not before. To become a poster or for more information, please send me a private message. For exchange of your time, especially time utilized for copy and pasting, getting free vip on crackingstation or getting your requests completed - most vips does know that we can crack any website if the amount offered is right which in this case is your time, are killer deals. Conditions to become poster are as follow: Need to be online for 4 to 5 hours per day. Must have completed atleast high school. Does know how to copy and paste, including images, download attachments if there are any and also upload them if they are part of the post. If any question then please do send me a private message or update on the same thread. Regards, Cybershark
  15. Hi @Devils Child, True, it definitely did not helped. Spring break made if worse and lack of information lead many to think that virus would discriminate which it never did. All the kudos to health care professionals who are risking to save and who knows that at that time they might have to make quite alot of choices which they weren't prepared for. Regards, Cybershark
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