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  1. Closing the topic as life is almost back to normal for almost every day 🙂
  2. @Christopher welcome on the forum mate .... how are you doing ? Hope every thing is fine where you live.
  3. Hello @Christopher. Welcome on crackingstation.com .
  4. Hello @jwjon1, It has not downgraded, it is twitched so that it does not complicate the overall system. There are many reasons for that for the development of diamond group: Firstly we try our best to crack every site that the vip requests, if you go over the request section you will see that over the past year, we have received sites that have computer generated user and pass, have some sort of recapthca, even is some email or sort of verification is required and we have cracked it, but time wise and financially it was not a wise decision. Reason behind it is that 99.999 % sites ar
  5. Hello CrackingStation Community, As per on request of many members we, Crackingstation.com team, proudly launches a new section known as Diamond Section. The benefits of the Diamond Section are as follows: 1) The diamond section will have a separate and concentrated section for cam sites. As cam site are usually hard to crack in comparison to regular sites, diamond section will more focus will be on cam sites. 2) Anything that is rarer and considered as higher quality than the quality of accounts within our vip is most likely will be posted to diamond section and can be fou
  6. Hello @jotaeme Welcome to the community. We hope that you do enjoy your stay. Regards, Cybershark
  7. Hi juudyyy , with double u and triple y. Welcome and I wanted to ask how did you want us.
  8. @Devils Child well he did dodged the trailer because republicans do not want to one of their part member, especially the President, to disqualified or face trail. Same would be the case if it was democrats but honestly trump does not have guts to make reliable decision. For example in relation to Corona virus. When you have already gotten the stimulus bill signed then why aren't you locking down properly, why are businesses which are not essential even allowed to remain open. Regards, Cybershark
  9. Hi @Devils Child, True, it definitely did not helped. Spring break made if worse and lack of information lead many to think that virus would discriminate which it never did. All the kudos to health care professionals who are risking to save and who knows that at that time they might have to make quite alot of choices which they weren't prepared for. Regards, Cybershark
  10. You are welcome and keep up the good wok man. It is always encouraging to know that we have some participating people :). People who would had invested in hand sanitizer stocks would surely be millionaires these days around and has it continues who knows that hand sanitizer will be stocked as gold lols. Actually my friend it is bad everywhere to stay safe and well. Just know saw that USA has as of today most number of cases reported altogether, topping even china.
  11. First all, you have completed 100 posts on this thread, so many congratz on that @Devils Child. It is quite hard to say man, how long can it take, even if lets say they are able to find a cure tomorrow, global immunization will be quite a difficult task. Plus in between there are alot of factors such as open up again or do a proper lockdown and restrict, charge and take actions as done in China so that testing is conducted for everyone and including those that are not willing to. A decision needs to be made by every country which setup they decide best works for them. Everyone s
  12. very true @badrox. Do you use netflix on laptop/desktop or on your phone ? I mostly use it on my phone to be honest lols .
  13. Nice work @badrox. That is a great way to keep alot of people entertained. let me also think on what i can contribute on this and how lols ? I do not know how many people apart from the team knows cracking on the forum, if they do this is the time to show case your talent and go to the next level.
  14. @Devils Child you can follow Coronovirus update on John Hopkins website that they have created. It includes all the records. Link: https://bit.ly/2QCFrLn The big question is how long will everyone will stay home and when will testing will start at mass levels ?
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