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  1. I know I have NOT been around for awhile, BUT, I have good News. I hear Big Brother Canada--Season 9 Is coming back March 24th So I will be back Posting updates etc. So keep SAFE Peeps, and I will be back later.
  2. Sorry, NEVER heard of Circuit VPN. NORD is doing fine with me. Plus if you have to PLUG your Product here, you must NOT be doing very good !!!!!!
  3. Site that I have not seen yet, VirginMassage.com I have seen some clips, looks interesting. 😛
  4. I would like a Password for, https://www.virginmassage.com/ Thanks.
  5. You think your having it bad, Try spending Christmas with your Dad (The Devil) in HELL. 🤬
  6. Hi Peeps, Well Last night, was the FINALE. Cody and Enzo, played the Part 3 of the Final HOH Comp. Cody won Part 3. And as a SURPRISE Move, Cody picked Enzo as his Final 2. Which made Nicole 3rd Place. Cody wound up Winning 1st Place with all 9 Votes So Cody Won $500 Thousand Dollars. Enzo 2nd Place Won 50 Thousand Dollars. Sometimes the Problem with Big Brother, is People make it to Final parts, that don't deserve to be there. Cody NOT Picking Nicole for his Final 2, I think will make alot of People Pisssssssed. Watching the LIVE fee
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