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Devils Child

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  1. Devils Child

    Devils Child--Chat Box

    Thanks Badrox, I checked them, But I am already a Lifetime Member on several of their Products. Merry Christmas
  2. Devils Child

    Devils Child--Chat Box

    Well Bad News, I think DVDfab is Downgrading their Expectations. I complained about the Resolution, and Finally they told me that they are NOT going to Change into a BluRay Resolution. They will KEEP the Same Resolution, BUT Increase the Pixels and Quality. I told them, WHY would I want a 4.3 DVD the File Size of a BluRay. NO Answer from them Yet, they are staying away from me, for now. Stay Tuned.
  3. Devils Child

    request completed Study.com

    This is a General Discussion Area. So Please,Please,Please, go to Request section.
  4. Devils Child

    Devils Child--Chat Box

    I tried DVDfab, and it seems to be faster, maybe they updated their Engine or something. I was thinking about trying that NEW Ai thing that they got going, but I heard the Free Trial is only for 1 Chapter. I think I will wait for another Update. I was thinking, that would be good for Video Quality, but BluRay and 4K also has better Sound Quality. I have tried BluRay, but have Not tried 4K yet. So we shall see, so Stay Tuned.
  5. Devils Child

    Multihosters 8

    I think at least some of these file host sites, are the ones involved in making these sites where people download things from. But as I said before, their Popularity is way down because of all the Movie-TV-Music sites. That is also why People are Not interested in me having a store here.
  6. Devils Child

    Devils Child--Chat Box

    What's going on with all this violence ? All these shooting--stabbings etc. Just the other day a woman hung her 2 kids in the basement.
  7. Devils Child

    Devils Child--Chat Box

    I went to DVDfab and they have something NEW called Enlarger Ai, It is based on TensorFlow. You convert your DVD to BluRay Format, they say it enlarges your Video by 300%. I have not tried it yet, I think I will wait to see if there are any Bugs and Improvements. Just checked DVDfab Forum, and sounds like People have some complaints about it. So stay tuned. I forgot to mention the most important part. It also ADDs Pixels, to your video. There are several Programs that Increase the Size of the Video, I think they will be the 1st to ADD Pixels. the Pixels is what gives your Video the Quality and Size. You make 4K Video by having more Pixels and Bigger Resolution. So we shall see, Stay Tuned.
  8. Devils Child

    porn HdSex18.com

    Let me see it, Tanks. Looks like it has not been updated for 3 Years.
  9. Devils Child

    Devils Child--Big Brother 21 USA--Chat Box

    Well I have some Romance--Showmance News for you Peeps (and Badrox), Kate & Nick while in the House did not get along, They both went to the Jury house, and the LOVE Bug attacked them. Now outside the house, they are dating, and they say they are in LOVE. So lets keep are fingers crossed for them, and wish them good things ahead.
  10. Devils Child

    Devils Child--Chat Box

    Badrox, I will tell you this, The Showmance Won 1st Place & 2nd Place. The Person who Won 3rd Place, Won America's Favorite, and got over a Million Votes. If that does NOT tell you who Won, then you need to see my Post here, where I talk all about it.
  11. Devils Child

    Devils Child--Chat Box

    Who won Big Brother USA !!!!! Can NOT tell You, it's a SECRET
  12. Devils Child

    Devils Child--Chat Box

    Well still waiting for Celeb Big Brother. No Official word yet. There is talk going around that it is NOT going to happen this year. Big Brother Canada will be starting later, But Celeb Big Brother only lasts for 3 or 4 Weeks. So we will see. stay Tuned.