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  1. Here is a List of the Houseguests, 01) Cody 02) Ian 03) Nicole A 04) Kevin 05) Memphis 06) Dani 07) Christmas 08) Bayleigh 09) Nicole F 10) Dayonne 11) Tyler 12) Enzo 13) Janelle 14) Keesha 15) David 16) Kaysar Remember these People have all Played Big Brother before. So far they have all been very cautious, and trying to be very careful of what they say and do. Cody is the First HOH, and will have to nominate 2 People. Already there seems to be some that are not as close to each other, which does not look good for them. They are doing a comp now, so will be back later, with that info. Stay Tuned.
  2. Hello Peeps, As you may already know I ran away from Home (HELL). Got hooked on Big Brother, and decided to hang around for awhile. There is NO Pic Button, so there will be no Pic's. 😡 😱 So It will be me, and if some Peep wants to share something, you more than welcome to do so. Also, CBS has Protection on their website, where you cannot download something. Well I found a Program, and I have downloaded Season's 1 thru 4 of Big Brother USA so far. They have a 2 Hour Premier tonight, and I will find out who the Houseguests will be. And will be back tomorrow to tell you. So stay tuned, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.
  3. Hello Peeps, Big Brother 22 starts tonight. As you know I have Posted Pic's before, but the button is not there anymore. So NO more Posting Pic's from me, anywhere anymore from me. I am going to make a Big Brother 22 section, to tell you about what is going on. I will be watching the LIVE feeds. So back later, need to mow my yard etc.
  4. Big Brother starts tomorrow. NO Pic Post, until its fixed.
  5. Still can not Post Pic from my folder. Here are my Options, Insert Other Media Insert existing attachment Insert image from URL Please fix this.
  6. Hi Peeps, Big Brother 22 USA is starting Wed the 5th. I have Posted Pic's in the Past, But for some reason this Forum don't have the Proper buttons ANYMORE to allow me to Post Pic's from my Folder. I am trying to get them to fix it. So we shall see, stay tuned.
  7. From my folder on my computer. You have a URL, but that is all I saw.
  8. Let me know WHEN You fix it. Big Brother will be starting soon.
  9. I was going to Post a Pic, But I cannot find a way to do it, anymore. I have a Pic, in my folder I wanted to Post. Please fix this.
  10. Still good news, Big Brother is still going to start Aug 5th. ALSO, Something that they rarely do lately, They are going to do a LIVE Movin. We are going to see them LIVE as they enter the house. Usually we see a edited version of the Movin. Just rumors so far of who the Houseguests will be. And No Info of what the House will look like this time. I dont know about you Peeps, but I'm getting excited. So stay tuned, exciting times ahead.
  11. Well the Devil's Child has found his Funny Bone, And would like to share it with you. I woke up last night to find the ghost of Gloria Gaynor standing at the foot of my bed. At first I was afraid... then I was petrified. Well you know how some people call the Bathroom, the John. Well there is a Guy who re-Named his Bathroom, the Gym. So that way he can tell people he went to the Gym Today What's the difference between a bowling ball and a prostitute? Nothing....... they both get picked up, fingered and then banged up in an alley. What's the Same between a Bowling ball and a Prostitute? You Plug both holes the same way, 2 Fingers in the Pussy, 1 Finger in the Ass.
  12. Well It looks like we are going to get Big Brother 22 USA. The Houseguests are in LA, and are in Quarantine. They say its going to start Aug 5th. It's going to be People that have played before. Once they get into the House, they will be tested every week. There are Rumors who they might be. When I find out more, I will let you Peeps know.
  13. Mods, WHY ???????? HOW DO THESE SCAM ARTISTS---GET PAST THE MODS----AND ARE ABLE TO POST THEIR CRAP ??????????? My POST needs to be Approved by the Moderator !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hi Amauricio2, What's so Great about it. ?????? WHO are YOU Thanking ?????? WHY are you Posting THANKS ?????? 🍉 🍌 🍓 🥕 🦖🦅🦜🐞 🪓🧲 ⚖️
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