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  1. Well Peeps, I'm sorry to say Cody Won the VETO Tonight. So that Pretty well means we will be saying Good Bye to Christmas. That means, Cody--Enzo--Nicole will be the FINAL 3. If Cody makes it to Final 2, he will most Likely Win. If Christmas would have Won the Veto tonight, she would have shook things up. I think she would have voted out Cody. So we will see how it ends, So tuned Peeps, Back Later.
  2. Hi Peeps, Well Memphis got voted out tonight. Enzo Won HOH tonight. I was hoping that Christmas would win it. Now Enzo has to Put 2 People on the Block. I think the Big Question this week is, will Enzo be Loyal, or go for the Win ??? If he wants to be Loyal, he will NOT put Cody on the Block. If he wants to go for the Win, THEN he Will put Cody on the Block. If he don't put Cody on the Block, then it Will Probably be Nicole and Christmas. If he Put's Up Cody on the Block, then it Will Probably be Cody and Christmas. This next VETO is very IMPOR
  3. Devil's Child here, I am going to Open My Own Store, Devil's Child---Mega Store. I have been collecting things for years. I think my Prices are very Reasonable. I have, Movies, TV series, Audio Books, Music, some I have Ripped, some Downloaded etc. And You may be saying I have access to a lot of stuff, WHY do I need you !!!!! But you have to RIP it/Download it, Re-name it, ADD Meta Data to it, etc. You get something from me all you have to do is Play it. I am NOT going to make a list, so If you have something in Mind, Let me know.
  4. Hello Peeps, Well they had the TRIPLE Eviction last night. Kevin--then David-- then Dani. They are down to the Final 6. Sounds like Cody and Enzo think they have a good chance at making it to the Final 2. This next HOH is Very--Very Important. It could set up, who goes next, etc. There are cross alliances between them, so it really depends on WHO wins next. It could be interesting to see, who they talk to, and who they try to back stab. This is the turning point in the game, this is going to feel like the Final 3. So Buckle up, and enjoy the
  5. I'm still here 😁 Please don't forget about me 🤡
  6. My Netflix password stopped working. I need another NetFlix Password . Thanks.
  7. Hello Peeps, Cody Nominated Kevin & David. It looks like Kevin is favored to be voted out Thurs Night. But Remember, Thurs is also a TRIPLE Eviction. So David will also Probably get voted out. So WHO will be the 3rd Person ???? Stay Tuned, Back Later.
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