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  1. let me see it, Tanks ACCOUNT CLOSED due to viloation of rules !!!!!!!
  2. Howdy Peeps, I have been getting more interested in these CAM Girls. I dont talk to them, but I like watching them play around with things. and have been recording some stuff tooooooo. What about YOU Peeps, do you like CAM Girls ??????
  3. Hello Peeps, I was watching the Chauvin Trial, and the Jury came back with Guilty Verdicts for all 3 Counts. There was ZERO Factual Evidence, SO how did they find him GUILTY !!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I guess sometimes you get DEAF-----DUMB-------BLIND Jurors.
  4. I know I have NOT been around for awhile, BUT, I have good News. I hear Big Brother Canada--Season 9 Is coming back March 24th So I will be back Posting updates etc. So keep SAFE Peeps, and I will be back later.
  5. Sorry, NEVER heard of Circuit VPN. NORD is doing fine with me. Plus if you have to PLUG your Product here, you must NOT be doing very good !!!!!!
  6. Site that I have not seen yet, VirginMassage.com I have seen some clips, looks interesting. 😛
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