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First off, if people looking to join are like I was, it definitely seemed a little weird/uncomfortable sending money to people without a guarantee of any sort of service, especially possibly linking any sort of "banking" information over to known crackers. But I eventually decided "hey, these people seem fairly adamant about not posting any kind of account stuff where people could get financially hurt and a one or even three month trial wouldn't be a huge loss if nothing happened with my account or there is barely any difference with the VIP section stuff." And I am happy to say it worked out great for me, which I will get to after this. Even if that kind of thing still bothers you, you are welcome to pay in Bitcoin and remove any sort of concern surrounding banking stuff, though. I initially was going to use bitcoin just because I wanted to learn about it, but honestly just ended up using paypal to save some time.

Anyway, posts in VIP are much more varied on types of sites. More information posted for those sites. Fewer people using them and they last a lot longer! Even when they do run out, they are probably already being replaced with new ones.

Request Filling - I am super impressed that the request I made for a site was able to be filled. It had 2 factor, so I actually just thought it was probably impossible but worth a shot. And hey, somehow they were able to do that for me!

TL;DR Very Happy. Good stuff. Take the plunge. Subscribe.



-searching - I am not sure how searches are performed, but sometimes I feel like they are missing out on results that I would think should be included. I wish I had a better example offhand, but I am going to make one up that isn't real (so trying to repeat this exact thing probably will not work like I say, but the same kind of issue). Let's say I am in a Czech movie mood and search

"czech" -> 0 results found (or 800 because czech is a word in a ton of proxy posts)

"czechav" -> no results found

"czechstreets" -> 3 results

I guess it is just weird that searching "czech" doesn't return everything with czech. Or say I search "busty" -> I would think posts for "youngnbusty" and "nfbusty" etc. would come up, but they do not. 


-It would be cool if there were like a little red/green bar graph tracker beside of either a whole post or each user/pass combo that the people who respond to the post could use to report whether a combo is working. I have seen posts where I and other users have reported them not working, but someone else later will post a screenshot and say "hey, this is working." It would be cool if we could figure out why they would work for some and not others? maybe copying and pasting throws in some nonprinting/invisible characters? I try to type them in when I can, but sometimes that can be obnoxious and easier for me to get wrong when it is something like "da3nds093dsaadfgheq:023-20022dfmdf".


-I wanted to help expand outward into other sites, so started searching for things that just haven't been posted about (that I saw from a quick search anyway).  Found what I thought would be two good starts (ersties.com and FunDorado.com). But I couldn't find any config files for them. Is that a thing I can build myself? Or request in the request section? I guess what this is getting at as a suggestion is a little updating to the tutorials section. Like, "here are the 6 things you'll need to get started. And if they aren't already in X section of the forum, you can try looking for them at Y and at Z, or you can make your own by......." or just "if you cant find this thing you need, then just stop."

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Thank you for such an awesome, nice and detailed review. Let us keep it as a secret how we were able to manage two factor authentication website. There are very few in this business that can do it, and three of them are on this website .

On your suggestions I have to search and find suitable plugins that might return specific searches and can update the thread that the password is working but uptill then I can provide some suggestions that might help overcoming these issues.

For searches try using .com with search, for example if you are searching for “busty”, search as "busty.com", it might return searches that you are looking for. One major reason for it not returning the searches is due to the fact how one uses tags, and as we use tags with .com it will. Also you can use the option of advanced search, for example searching an specific forum rather than the whole forum which can result in resulting lesser and for specific desired results.

For whether a thread is working or not, there are many options. The best is to report the thread if it is not working so that we can check it. Report thread button can be found on top right hand side of every post and thread. There might be many reasons behind why it was not working for you, and might work for other users. The major reason is ip problem, cache, cookies, use of vpn (bad ip) , two users using at specific time, a user not logging out of the password after using it and many much more. The sites are getting smarter and better , and so we need to also. I do have couple of plans and with time and soon enough we might release it. We try to keep the thread updated as soon as possible whenever reported and as reliable as possible. Rather than typing my suggestion is to copy and paste as it reduces error margin. Some might also require double logins, which is specified with the site if there is required. If I do find a plugin or application specific to that, I surely will add it to the system, even if it is a paid one.

We will try to crack ersties.com and fundorado.com. fundorado.com if possible is best to get if requested. I do not have any idea about how your cracking skills , you are the best judge of yourself honestly. You can always update your thread of F.A.Q that you created with whatever cracking question you have ?, which increases chances of multiple answers thus better explaining and in detail  or even you can pm me if you do not wish to ask it on the platform.

Once again thank you for your review and feedback .


P:s :: Posted what you wished for , please do check VIP Section .

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