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  1. Ooof. So many people in on this. Hope it works. Thanks for the share!
  2. @cybershark I have just been looking for a regular BangBros account with 4K access. As usual, if the request is a bunch of obnoxious extra effort, I am a happy camper with the stuff you already do! And I don't know if I would say false, but definitely misleading. If a person were paying for the base account, they would know whether or not they are paying the extra for 4K so they probably wouldn't question it. For those of us happening to accidentally log into these accounts that aren't ours, that is a different story. But they use the same 4K banner for each subsite not in the subscription, too -> I do have to say that I really enjoy this: "Only $4.90 per month. Nothing more to buy." ..... yeah.... if you don't include paying for the account monthly and then paying an extra $4.90 each month, I guess you could say there is nothing more to buy.
  3. I think they just use that logo to let you know the site and their newer content is available in 4K (not all of their subsites shoot in 4K). It doesn't mean the account has 4K access.
  4. I was just hoping to get access to the 4K content - hopefully there is an automatic way for people trying to check if it has access? I'm okay on the regular account front, so no need to send me those! Much appreciated <3
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