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TRUMP's Senate Impeachment Trial

Devils Child

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Well it looks like TRUMP's Senate Impeachment Trial will start this week.

There has been more News Reports about things since TRUMP was Impeached by the Congress.

Two Important News Reports Tonight.

Russia has Hacked the Company that Hunter Biden works for.

Apparently looking for info against Biden.


It looks like there might be enough Republicans to vote for Witnesses.

As you might already know, TRUMP has been able to keep alot of people from Testifying.

Pelosi is supposed to get together with ALL Of the Democrat's tomorrow, before the Senate gets the Impeachment Report.

So things will get very interesting, and it will be LIVE and all over the News.

I will Post things that I think are important/Interesting.

So as always, Stay Tuned.

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Well TRUMP's Impeachment Trial has Begun.

They are doing the Opening arguments now.

The Democrats have just finished, and I think he did a good job.

The Republicans are now doing theirs.

Not sure what happens next.

I think some time today, they will vote for witnesses.

So stay tuned.

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Well All the Votes for Evidence and Witnesses Yesterday was voted down.

Every Republican voted against them.

Right now the Demacrats are presenting their evidence against TRUMP.

Since alot of the Evidence has been on the news,  for now I will not re-count it here.

But it is amazing how many Crooked people are involved with TRUMP.

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Well the Democrates have finished for tonight, presenting their Evidence.

I think tomorrow, they are going to present parts of their Evidence, and put the Law Aspects to it.

I expect there will also be other things also.

I was hoping that their would be more interesting things going on.

So we will see what happens next.

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Well another day of testimony is Finished.

The Demacrates finished tonight saying, You know he's Guilty.

Now you have to decide if he should be removed.

They will be back tomorrow.

I think the Republicans will get their chance later tomorrow and Sat etc.

The Evidence has been repetitive, but they are showing it in different contexts etc.

So we will  see what else happens, Stay Tuned.

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The Democrates have Finished their side of things (Besides the votes for witnesses).

The Republicans start their side Tomorrow.

Don't expect any Facts from them, they will attack the Process, and Probably Biden.

So we will see how they handle things, but I don't expect much from them.

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The Democrat's took 3 Days to Present their Evidence.

Today the Republicans took 2 HOURS to Defend TRUMP.

They talked about the Process etc, but did not really say anything.

When you have NO Evidence to talk about, you have to think of something to say.

I think they come back Monday for something.

It looks like the Republicans will stand by TRUMP, and NOT kick him out.

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Well TRUMP's Attorney's were at it again today.

they spent more time defending TRUMP,

But are terrible at it.

Attacking people that are Not even involved in the issues, are terrible tactic's.

I know they don't have any evidence on their side, but they are terrible at trying to do something.

Well they are back tomorrow, so we will see what happens.

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Well they finished the 1st Day of Questions.

How it worked they both had the same amount of Questions.

They went back and Forth with their Questions.

People that had trouble following everything, this made it easier to understand things.

Tomorrow they will do it again.

Maybe Fri they will have a vote on Witnesses.

If they don't have witnesses, this will all be over Soon.

And TRUMP can go on a Victory Tour.

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Well the 2nd Night of Questions have Finished.

Tomorrow they will have the VOTE on Witnesses.

The Democrat's need 4 Republicans, to get Witnesses.

1 Republican has already said she will VOTE for Witnesses.

Within the Hour a 2nd Republican is supposed to say which way he will vote.

UPDATE well the 2nd Republican has said he will NOT Vote for witnesses.

My Guess we will now have to wait  till tomorrow to see what happens.

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Well only 2 Republicans voted for Witnesses.

Well next week, will be Final Arguments.

Wed, will be the FINAL Vote.

I expect it will be a Party Line vote.

And NO Republicans will Vote to kick him out.

I actually thought there would be enough votes for Bolton to testify.

So TRUMP was able to keep these People from Testifying against him.

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Well In case you have Not already heard,

The Republicans found TRUMP Not Guilty.

Romhy is the Only Republican who said TRUMP was Guilty.

Well TRUMP still has a few Months before the Voters Kick Him Out.

I think that will bother him more, than being kicked out.


As I said before, he is going to be going to Court for many years.

Him, his Family, and his Criminal Cronies.


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@Devils Child well he did dodged the trailer because republicans do not want to one of their part member, especially the President, to disqualified or face trail. Same would be the case if it was democrats but honestly trump does not have guts to make reliable decision.

For example in relation to Corona virus. When you have already gotten the stimulus bill signed then why aren't you locking down properly, why are businesses which are not essential even allowed to remain open.



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