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I am the One and Only Devils Child.

I ran away from Home and ended up here.

Cybershark noticed me, and said that I should put in a Request  for Advanced member.

I have done some Posting, but with my small time limit, I am limited to what I can do.

I have given Cybershark some ideas, but do not know what will come of them.

So put your heads together, and let me know what you decide.


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Thank you @Devils Child for creation of the thread and applying through a proper channel.

Encouragement is required where it deserves to be. We do deem you a legit and a member who has good intentions towards crackingstation.com (cs).

Can you please answer couple of questions which you missed on for the management/ team to review and discuss on that part.

How much time are you willing to input on cracking station ? You can quote it as a per day, per week or etc standard which ever you prefer to answer it on.

Please list some pros that you can bring in, you did already one which is to provide us your feedback, any other that you can thing that can suit the community in the nearby future ?

@Nad and @littlegrnbx any questions that you wish to ask from the member ?

Thank you,



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Well Time spent here,

Well that is hard to say, it depends on what I have to say, and I don't know if you are going to do any of my ideas.

It depends on how much of a Post allotment I will be on for 24 Hours.

I'm really Not sure What Advanced Member does, But I Plan on posting in my Devils Child Chat Box.

Look around and see if I can Help a member if I can.

I have some more Ideas, which you may or may not like.

Sometime's I leave Cracking Station open to see if something pops up, or if I want to Talk or Tease CyberShark.

Big Brother starts the 26th, so I will be Posting things about that.

But I will be here pretty much everyday.

My Pros would also be the above,

I Dont CRACK, But I RIP CD's-DVD's-AudioBooks etc. so I have those Programs etc.

Anything else Ask me.

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@Devils Child Approved and granted access to advanced members.

What is advanced members ?

It is a group of members who can crack, promote and are legit. It is first ladder for obtaining other ranks on the forum. 

One thing I want to point out that to become an advanced member you do not need  to be cracker and plus we have staff positions that do not require any cracking skills. Be legit with good faith for the forum and everything can be worked on , even if we are cracking forum, there is alot that a member can do on apart from primary cracking.

Thank you,



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