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Multihosters 8

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I honestly do not know how many genuine purchasers will be on a cracking site but thanks for the info . Will surely come handy for someone who researches before making a purchase. By the way today, there are too much generators, debrid and multi hosters these days around.  

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Well they shut some down, but more just popped up.

I think some are outside the US, so it's hard for them to deal with.

People used to post Music--Movies--Porn etc,  for people to download.

But now there is a lot of Streaming sites, so I think they are Not as Popular as before.

I prefer to Rip-Download-Capture my own stuff.

Before the Multi-Hosters, I think the same people owned different sites, and they may have created sites for people to download from.

Because the sites used different hosters, so you would have to buy different hosters for different sites.

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@Devils Child yes that more pop up with time, while majority of sites it does are not from United States - remember mega and what happened to the founder even though he was from newzeland. Even though it is advatange for many to stream these days due to higher internet speed, in my perspective the backend is still with the sites that upload or download. One major reason that we do not find them that much is due to search engines not promoting or indexing them, lack of domain and host providers - as no one wants to get associated with a site that is known for leaks and get into cases.


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Well It depends who has the Power.

When weed started becoming Legal in the states, Obama told the Federal Govt to stop or cut down on arresting people for weed.

If there were Not Millions of Illegals in the United States, they would deport all of them.

Since Millions of People smoke cigarettes, they don't make them against the Law.

They Prosecuted Mega, to try and scare People, but it did not work.

The Religious Right used to have a lot of Power, so they determined our Laws,  times have changed and they have lost a lot of their Power.

Black People have a lot of Power now, they decide how a lot of things work now.

The Reason I said that these Upload/Download sites are not as Popular, it's not about search engines, it's about streaming sites.

Instead of Paying for a Download site, to get a movie etc, They use that money for HULU, etc.

There is something like 8 Billion people in the World now, alot of those people pay for things.

Nowadays only a small percentage of People use these download Host sites.

I use these Forums for Porn,  but mostly for Music and TV shows, etc.  So why do I need to Download from a Hoster, or use a Torrent ??????

What can a Hoster download site, or Torrent give me, that a Good Cracker cannot give me ?????

Crackers have the Power to get you what you want.

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@Devils Child 

For Multihosters they are quite old and professionals on what they are doing, one of the firs link generators i don't think they might do such stuff

and tbh if i have an internet with high debit i would definitely  chose downloading over streaming.

and torrenting and filehost sites are still useful sometimes those can be only your soloution for many cases, for example torrent always the first to get those latest movies on a hd quality, or a rare cracked software...

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On 6/2/2019 at 12:43 AM, badrox said:

if i have an internet with high debit i would definitely  choose downloading over streaming

@cybershark only if i have a good downloading debit , then i would rather choose that 

for multihosters i guess there is zevera , premiumize.me, alldebrid.com .. 

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I think at least some of these file host sites, are the ones involved in making these sites where people download things from.

But as I said before, their Popularity is way down because of all the Movie-TV-Music sites.

That is also why People are Not interested in me having a store here.

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