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announcement How to Apply (Includes Example of Application format & Advice)

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Hello everyone,

A member can apply for Moderator, Master Cracker, GFX Specialist, Config Master, Proxy Master,Coder & Advanced level member in this forum.

General rules of any sort of application requires:

  1. Describe yourself
  2. What is your skill set and experience related to the position that you are applying for
  3. Contribution on crackingstation.com which may include what you have posted, what is your reputation level, have you helped other members on the forum and etc. Can support with including a link to your profile activity related to posting or images of what you have cracked in past or recently, etc.
  4. Why do you wish to join, for example increase your cracking ability, to share knowledge or some other reason?
  5. Contacts details such as skype, discord or email.


  1. The more the contribution the greater is the chance of you reaching a higher level.
  2. The more proofs you add in your application such as tools used, accounts that you had cracked recently, and etc., greater the chance is that you get accepted.
  3. The better the design of the format, with details such as usage of font, colors and etc., the more unique and interesting does the application becomes.
  4. Do not be demotivated if rejected, while acceptance increases your responsibility level and commitment, rejection does not mean that you can not reapply. It only means that you need to concentrate a little more on the stuff that you are doing.
  5. Also, do remember that crackingstation.com team can ask for you to show proof beyond the proofs that you have provided in case there isn’t a lot of proofs provided or we determine that application is not complete, and applicant requires to proof what is quoted in the application.

The decision of acceptance and rejection will be based your activity level, skill level and on what our current staff thinks about the way that you have performed or is performing. Every position is unique so it does comes with advantages with it plus comes responsibilities.

Best of luck and thanks in advance for applying for the staff positions.

If any query or question then please do not hesitate to ask me or any other staff member online at that time. 



Crackingstation.com Team.

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