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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Members, as recently due corona virus many countries applied emergency plan with forcing people staying at home. to stop the virus spreading. Good action and it will come back favorably next days for all the world. and we as crackingstation team we are aware of this and we want to help you staying at home we will provide you with some services that can help. such as accounts : entertainment, music, education, movies, etc.. if you have something in mind feel free to ask. Stay safe 😄
  2. Hello Everyone, What started a new site, CrackingStation.com on 21st June 2018 has turned a year old. It is just the beginning for us, and will suitable resources will expand more as we move forward. Thanks to all members who joined it and are contributing on the site. Special Thanks to our VIP Members who have kept this community alive and running financing. Massive Thanks to Team Members who have contributed through various ways and spend time in building this CrackingStation community. Please let me use this thread as a platform to discuss our nearby future plans al
  3. Hello Everyone , Thankfully We've launched a new theme If you notice any bug in this update, Please let us know & Also We look forward to your valuable comments on the new theme
  4. Hello Community Members, All the known bugs, such as insert code, sort, page issue are fixed. Also the major issue where host was automatically disconnecting with database is also fixed. If you find any bug or have an issue on the forum then please use the sitebug section to update us. For VIPS Members: The site went down on 09-May-2019 and was back on 18-May-2019 thus we have compensated every vip member's time by 10 days. Thank you everyone for the concern and support shown. With your support the forum is back and we are ready to kick yet again as before 🙂 Cracking S
  5. Hello Everyone, Hope every one is doing great. We have added a new domain which will serve as a back up domain , crackingstation.to. Crackingstation.com domain will be up and running within next 1 to 2 weeks time, until then please use crackingstation.to and in case crackingstation.com goes down again, please retrieve to crackingstation.to or vice versa as required, but once the original domain is back that is primary to be used. There will be couple of more changes occurring on from hereby and those are as following: 1) No one is allowed to post threads without use
  6. Hello Everyone, Steven is known as one of the best cracker, config maker and exploiter in the world of cracking. Please do welcome him in joining as our newest admin after proving himself on the super-moderator level as it can be seen through his profile the level of requests that he has completed and the number and type (difficulty level) of accounts that he has posted. Many Congratulations @Steven from Crackingstation staff team. Best of wishes and luck in your life and hope that your legend grows as our forum grows. Link to Profile: Steven Thank you, Cracking Stati
  7. Hello Members, Cracking Station Team is proud to announce that we are in the process of opening a new section known as "Advanced Member's Section". Why such a need? We are reaching 2000 members, and with that we do see quite a lot of members that have taken interest in the forum and wish to contribute or are contributing daily already. To give those ones a privilege and recognition for their time spend with us and for posting, helping and making the community grow stronger, we have taken the initiative to provide these users with a separate and their own specific section know
  8. Hello VIP Members, Hope that everyone is doing great. We hereby, are introducing a new section named as "VIP Testimonials & Feedback" for our VIP Members to post on and General Members to have a look at how VIP Members are feeling about our overall commitment to this section. Under this section you can post your testimonials, which will help us improve the quality of the section for you and let other member groups know your opinions on the VIP section. And also, you can post your feedback, wish list and etc. As we Grow so does this section and overall site. Just to update w
  9. Hello everyone, Cracking Tools may or may not contain viruses, not every antivirus can pick up every virus, thus it is best to take precautions before downloading tools. 1) Download, run and test if possible in a virtual system such as sandboxie or many others that are available. 2) Look out at the poster, the higher the rank the better the trust levels of that person. 3) Look out for scans if there is any available in the thread. It provides you a better idea of the software. 4) Scan for viruses and malware. 5) Do remember to post a like, add reputa
  10. Hello everyone, A member can apply for Moderator, Master Cracker, GFX Specialist, Config Master, Proxy Master,Coder & Advanced level member in this forum. General rules of any sort of application requires: Describe yourself What is your skill set and experience related to the position that you are applying for Contribution on crackingstation.com which may include what you have posted, what is your reputation level, have you helped other members on the forum and etc. Can support with including a link to your profile activity related to posting or images of what
  11. Hello Everyone, Welcome to CrackingStation.com, there is no requirement and if you are out of ideas how to introduce yourself then you can use this format to make an introduction. - Describe yourself: - How did you found this forum: - Why did you join this forum: - Skills: - What you like & don't like in this forum (any feedback if you wish to input): - And As Always Read The Rules: Thankyou, CrackingStation.com Team.
  12. Hello CrackingStation members, The Following Limit Are Updated As Per Category: - Registered Members: Can Access All sections in Free Members Area Total posts allowed per day: 3 posts Advanced members: Can access all sections free members area and staff/active members area. Total posts allowed per day: 8 posts Configs allowed per day: 3 configs V.I.P Members: Can Access All sections in V.I.P Members Area & Free Members Area Total posts allowed per day: 10 posts Total configs allowed per day: 3 configs Note: Keep a track on the rules it can be chang
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