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announcement Major and Important Update [Crackingstation.com | Crackingstation.to]


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Hello Everyone,

Hope every one is doing great. 

We have added a new domain which will serve as a back up domain , crackingstation.to.

Crackingstation.com domain will be up and running within next 1 to 2 weeks time, until then please use crackingstation.to and in case crackingstation.com  goes down again, please retrieve to crackingstation.to or vice versa as required, but once the original domain is back that is primary to be used.

There will be couple of more changes  occurring on from hereby and those are as following:

1) No one is allowed to post threads without use of hide tags containing a user or pass. If found, user will be banned. If anyone does not know how to post it properly and wish to make threads then best is to ask us before doing so. If any one finds out such a thread then please do report it.

2) After various discussion including with various staff members  and some vips, we have come to conclusion that there will be an increase in vip prices effectively from here onward. Any one who has already purchased vip does have to pay any addition amount but new pricing will be effective for them once their vip time expires or when they want to renew it. Reason for increase in based on various factors, such as tools, rdp and etc. There has been significant increase in cost for cracking and due to that to keep up with it, we also are increasing our prices. 

If any question or query then please contact me or @ShaDowz in regards to that. Also guess what, this is 10,000 thread on crackingstation, which is a awesome accomplishment ? 

Thank you,

CrackingStation Team.

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