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perfectgonzo Desperately looking for perfectgonzo.com


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Hello @cibolaburn,

Request zone is sort for custom cracking  and before requesting i would appreciate if rules are read and understood. See, we can do hard ones or the sites that you wish to request for but what will we get in return. 

We love the moto " sharing is about caring " and our rules are based on that part. Thus if you care then share whatever way you can for the forum (meaning that contribute, posting, advertising for the site, helping other members, becoming a vip or etc- does not matter whatever you are good at , pm me and we can sort a way on this request for you) and we will care by sharing what you need. Simple at that.

Hope so we do see some positive activity from you and in return we do promise to fulfill your request.

Until then thread closed. Hope so you also understand from our part :)

Thank you,


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