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Please note: Rules can be edited or removed at any time, new rules can be added at any time. We suggest you check the change log regularly for rule updates.

General Rules

  • All rules are to be followed when using this forum, failure to follow rules may result in; a warning, temp or perm ban.
  • Please Note :::  This Is For All Member groups Of the Forum,  From Registered Members Up To And Including V.I.P Members.
  • This is an English-speaking community, so please only post in English!
  • This is a cracking forum, not a hacking forum. Do not spread any sort of hacking tools / advice here. There are other forums for that.
  • Show respect to other members and staffs.
  • There is 0 tolerance for racism, sexism and other forms of cyber bullying on this forum.
  • Do not create multiple accounts, one account per person.
  • Advertising other forums or websites publicly without permission is not allowed. Will result in ban.
  • We do not allow registration with temporary or fake email accounts (You will be warned and if it is not changed you will be banned).
  • Password changing on accounts is not allowed, unless the poster of the thread states that you can. If caught, you will be banned without warning.
  • Do not spam, creating multiple spam threads/replies will either result in a warning or on-the-spot ban.
  • Do not give your CrackingStation account password to anyone, sharing of accounts is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Stealing content from CrackingStation.com is forbidden, if caught, you will be permanently banned without warning.

Registration Rules

  • Fake / temp mails will be banned before being allowed on the forum.
  • We only accept registrations from domains such as @hotmail, @gmail, @outlook and so forth.
  • Registration with spammy names such as a bunch of letters (JJJJJJJJJJJJJ or SKmKAFdkfks) will be banned without any notification.
  • Names that advertise a site will be banned before accessing the forum.

Posting and Replying Rules

  • Use Properly hide codes when posting. Not posting correctly will result in issuance of warning and then a ban.
  • Abusive threads/replies will not be tolerated, they will be removed, and you will be warned/banned.
  • Thread subjects are to match the content being posted.
  • Please post threads in the right section, failure to do so will result in your thread moved / deleted.
  • "General" posting in any other section besides the lounge will result in the removal of the thread and a warning.
  • If you see a thread / reply breaking any rules please do not start an argument with that person and just report it.
  • Link shorteners (aka third-party links) are not allowed (They are annoying and give almost nothing in return).
  • Posting of these types of accounts will result in a ban. There is not to be any posting of:
  1. Financial services such as banks, credit cards and Government related accounts. (Not allowed)
  2. Minor or animal pornography. (Not allowed)
  • No mass leeching, you do not need to reply to 10 threads of the same type of account, take what you need.
  • Show appreciation when replying.
  • Saying ty and other terms when replying to a thread will result in a warning, which if reaches a third warning will result in a ban.
  • Taking any content from CrackingStation and posting it somewhere else will result in a permanent ban.
  • Please show appreciation by giving threads alike.

Suggestions Rules

  • We respect all suggestions from members, so feel free to post a suggestion that you think will benefit the forum and community.
  • Please detail your subject name.
  • Include any details about your suggestion and why you think it should be implemented.

Chatbox Rules

  •  Respect all members and staff members while talking in the chatbox.
  • Act mature and report any rule breakers to staff members.
  • Do not advertise any other forum or website in the chatbox.
  • Do not spam.
  • No racism or abusive remarks towards others in the chat.
  • Do not request accounts, configs, combos & ect in chat.


  •  Selling of accounts that are disapproved in thread and posting rules will lead to a ban also.
  • Please do look into seller and buyer section rules as they provide full and proper guidelines and rule set.
  • Try to keep Marketplace clean by contacting any staff to help them remove the completed sales thread.  
  • CrackingStation.com takes NO responsibilities on ANY transaction that occurs at any time.
  • Only use your own account for buying and selling.
  • Report the fraud immediately to any admin/mod.



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