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Devil's Child---Mega Store

Devils Child

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Devil's Child here,

I am going to Open My Own Store, Devil's Child---Mega Store.

I have been collecting things for years.

I think my Prices are very Reasonable.

I have,

TV series,
Audio Books,

some I have Ripped, some Downloaded etc.

And You may be saying I have access to a lot of stuff,
WHY do I need you !!!!!

But you have to RIP it/Download it,
Re-name it, ADD Meta Data to it, etc.

You get something from me all you have to do is Play it.

I am NOT going to make a list, so If you have something in Mind,
Let me know.

You can Pay me thru PayPal.

So Anybody out there, drop me a line.

If you Prefer conversing thru E-Mail, let me know.

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Hello I'm Back,

to show my Appreciation to my Peeps,

I am lowering my Prices 😍  🥃


MP3 track is now 5 Cents Each  😂

TV Episode is now 10 Cents Each  😎

Movie is now 25 Cents Each  😋

So all you have to do is tell me what you want,

and I will try my best to get it for you. !!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Peeps,

I have started Downloading from 


and I am getting GOOD

Compreesion Ratio's

I am Downloading 4K Videos

For Example,

A 6.73 GB Video compress's down to 0.99 GB

which is almost 1 GB

So I am almost Saving 6 GB of Hard Drive space

just for that 1 Video :banana:

If you want to Check 1 out, Let me know !!!

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I've had 16K Views

BUT, NO Response.


Well You know ME,

I am always looking for NEW Programs.

I have a NEW DVD/Blu-Ray Ripper.

It has Good Quality DVD Rip.

BUT what is GOOD about it is

it has Very High Lossy Audio.

And I got the Converter Toooooo.

It also converts the Video into Very High Lossy Audio.


As always,

Ask for a Sample of something


Be Safe Peeps,


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Hi Peeps,

I started Something NEW for me.

And It seems to be working GOOD.

So I thought I would tell You about It.

If you have a LAP Top etc

That dont have a Disc Drive

then you CANNOT Play a DVD etc.

Well I learned about a ISO Codex


into a ISO

Then I can Play the DVD-ISO thru a Media Player.


I have an Android Media Player

and I can Play a DVD, just like it was Playing with a DVD Player.


Menu ---Extra-- Everything on the DVD.


So If this is Something YOU would be interested in, Let me Know

Ad I will ADD it to my Store.


AS Always, Take Care Peeps.

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