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Devils Child--Big Brother 8 Canada--Chat Box

Devils Child

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This is the Devil's Child, as you may know I have ran away from "Hell".

And I find your World kind of Interesting, and have decided to stick around and check things out.

I find your Big Brother Reality shows interesting and Devilish in ways.

Big Brother Canada 8 will be starting pretty soon.

And I will be Posting things about it, as stuff goes on.

I hear there will be 16 Houseguests this Season. so its going to be a Crowded house.

I will be posting Pic's of the Houseguests in the next day or two.

I have seen some of the Houseguest videos, and they seem very interesting, so I am hoping for a good lively season.

As I say, Stay Tuned, it going to be a Devilish bumpy ride.

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Well Big Brother 8 Canada has started.

There is a 2 Night TV Premier, last night & tonight.

Canada voted for their Favorites.

The Bottom 4 plays 2 Comps.

Minh-ly WON Comp last night, so she is safe this week.

Chris--Nico--Susanne play 2nd comp tonight.

The 2 that are left, 1 will be voted out tonight.

There are some I already like, some not so much.

It will last for 12 Weeks, Winner gets One Hundred Thousand Dollars.

So stay tuned.

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They had the 2nd Comp tonight.

Chris Won the 2nd Comp.

That means that Nico or Suzanne will be leaving this week.

But there is a Twist that Rarly happens.

Nico felt that he was going  to be voted out.

And Nico Self-Evicted.

So Nico is Gone.

So now the HOH Comp will be played to see who will be the 1st HOH this Season.

So stay tuned.

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Well Brook  & Hiro  are on the Block.

They had a LONG Veto comp last night.

And Hiro won.

Before the Veto comp they were talking about taking off Brook and putting up Michael.

Then Backdooring Micheal.

So the BB Curse strikes again, and Hiro won, so now they cannot backdoor Micheal.

So we will see WHO Replace's Hiro.

Stay Tuned

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Well, Min-Li replaced Madeline on the Block.

The LIVE feeds have been OFF for several hours today, and still OFF.

A Black guy named Jamar got into an argument with a white guy Kyle.

Jamar pointed his finger at Kyle and said BANG, those Muscles are not going to save you on the Streets.

Probably referring to his Gang will take care of him, when he gets out.

Other houseguests starting complaining about it, and the LIVE feeds went OFF.

I think it was back in Big Brother 2 USA,

 A guy picked up a Knife, and told a girl what would you do if  I sliced your throat with this knife.

Well they kicked that guy out, real fast.

So stay tuned, my Peeps. 

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I found part of what was said,

Jamar gets up – Muscles don’t do nothing bro they do nothing in here and they don’t do anything outside. You feeling me
Jamar – you feeling me
Kyle laughs “Ohh scary”
4:32 pm – Jamar to Kyle “when you have a f**ing .45 in your F**g face .. Pu$$y a$$ N$$$” (Yikes)
Kyle says nobody in this house is scared of him he’s not the one running around being a tough guy
Jamar – shut the f*** up hommie

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Well Jamar got kicked out.

It’s the end of the road for Jamar Lee on “Big Brother Canada”.

The 24-year-old Ajax, Ont. native has been removed from season 8 of the Global TV series, the network confirms to ET Canada. The move comes after his fellow houseguest, Kyle Rozendal, claimed to feel threatened by a hand gesture Lee directed at him during a tense house meeting. Another houseguest, Vanessa Clements, also claimed Lee’s expressive conversational approach made her feel “uncomfortable” during the meeting.

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