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Hello everyone!

Finding new, working accounts is not that easy these days, so I'm happy I found this forum. ? I've joined because I was impressed by the amount of posted accounts that are almost impossible to find anywhere else. I've bought VIP membership the next day I've registered and, so far, it was worth it.

My only complain so far is that I think private messages shouldn't count towards daily post limit.  

Hope to have a great time here, and I wish everyone else the same. ?

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Hello @CptJack23,

Thank you very much for joining us, appreciated that you like the number of accounts that we have posted  and for joining vip and enjoying uptill now.

I truely understand that private messages should not count towards daily post limit, but unfortunately that is not something that I can improve honestly, because that is an issue with the forum software. Waiting for them to upgrade it and solve this issue so that the problem is solved on our forum also :).  Or else lets see if any one else have the same issue so we can vote over it and move to some other software. Btw, if it does causes an issue now, as you have become vip, or in future, then do send me an update so that i can figure out some solution for it, until the update solves it.


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