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RULES for Config Section

Rules for this section are as follow:

  • A person can take 3 configs in a day. Taking more will lead to a warning and then to a ban. No exceptions. 
  • Leeching or sharing of configs isn't allowed, and it will lead to ban if someone is found out that he is leeching or sharing configs.
  • Please report any non-working configs.
  • When making a new config thread, it is required to post the name of the site in titles, with whether the config is proxyless or requires use of proxies. Number of bots to be used is recommended although not required.
  • Please do indicate the name of the software also if the config made for a different software rather than for sentrymba.
  • Do remember to post a like, add reputation and pass nice comments for the uploder/ thread poster because that one of the finest way to encourage an poster to post more.


Crackingstation.com Team.

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