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Instagram CheCkeR by julia [PC-RET]


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Functionality of the program:
- Support for Mail: Password and Login: Password databases.
- Support for Http, Http / s, Socks4, Socks5 proxy.
- Support any separator: or;.
- In the software there are the following modes: Insta Fast CheCkeR (Log: Pass), Insta Reg CheCkeR (Log: Pass), Insta RegMail CheCkeR (Mail: Pass), Insta BruTe CheCkeR Site (Log: Pass \ Mail: Pass), Insta BruTe CheCkeR Client (Log: Pass \ Mail: Pass).
- Scores your base to the end, unless you have stopped work.
- Convenient and clear log, with the function of fast copying: Mail, Password and Mail: Password.
- The function of saving a screenshot of the completion of the program.
- The function of saving the balance, if you stopped the software without completing the work.
- The function of automatic removal of junk files, if the software is not recorded in their accounts.
- The function of downloading a proxy by reference to the proxy list.
- Automatic update proxy function by reference during the work at a specified interval in minutes.
- The function of automatic likes on recordings from received accounts.
- A utility for splitting multi files by the number of lines as needed.
- A utility for working with databases and sorting by domain as needed.
- A utility for normalizing accounts, removing garbage, deleting domains and deleting lines with a length less than the specified one.
- A utility to merge files as needed.
- Ability to work with proxies that have authorization by login and password.
- Excellent optimized search system valid accounts.
- Save the program settings regardless of its location.
- Ability to download multiple files with databases for work.
- Check accounts for: account name without any extra Instagram signatures, number of subscribers per account, number of account subscriptions, number of publications per account, country specified on the account, phone specified on the account, mail specified on the account.
- Creating a database of the Phone format: Password based on the phone attached to the account.


=============================== Account ================== ============
Login Details: Login: Password
UserId: same_id
Username: same_name
Followers: 0
Followings: 0
Publications: 0
Country: RU
Phone: -
Email: same_mail@same_domain.same_end
Link to page: https://www.instagram.com/same_id/
Proxy: - SOCKS5

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