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My Devil's Child--Big Brother 24 USA--Chat Box

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Well Peeps,

Tomorrow (July 6th 2022)

Big Brother 24 Starts.


I just have to say I Don't want another BLACK Cook OUT.


People should go into the Big Brother House

To PLAY Big Brother

NOT BLACK Brother.


People need to play for themselves & their Alliance.


You need 2 or 3 Alliance's to make an interesting game.


Well I will be back with House Guest Info--Etc

So Stay Tuned.

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Well I cannot Post Pics of House guests

so here are their names



Joe  Fooch



Matt Turner















If you want to see Pic's of House Guests

Complain to the People who run this Forum.


So it's Up to You, I will Post Pic's if I could.


They have a LIVE show tonight

so we will see them enter the House

and see what Transpires from the beginning.

So stay tuned Peeps.


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Well Peeps,

It has started.

Well the 1st comp was Split into 3 Games.

1st Game was

they had to guess how many times certain numbers were said.

last Person for each question gets hit with Blue Paint.

Monte Wins 1st Game

2nd Game was

Put 10 Pieces of jewelry on your face, first person to finish wins

Turner Wins 2nd Game

3rd Game was

Grab on to T-Shirt above your head and hang on,

last one still hanging wins

Daniel wins 3rd Game

Those 3 Will face off to win 1st HOH


Final game is

Unpack their case and put together their Drum Set

Daniel Wins, and is the 1st HOH


LIVE Feeds will START in about 3 Hours.


So there you are Peeps,

the Beginning of another Season.


So stay Tuned, back Later !!!!!

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Well Peeps,

I had a Re-Lapse and went back to the Hospital------Fun Fun  !!!!!!!!


And when I get OUT, My Computer Re-started and Failed to Re-Start.


So, I had to Re-Install Windows 10.

I have Only just started Putting things back together.


I hear they are Down to the Final 4 (I think).

ONLY a week or so left in this Season.


Taylor is HOH

Monte Won the VETO

Turner & Britney are the Other 2.


I think Monty gets to choose WHO gets Voted Out,

and Who makes it to Final 3.


Because of COVID they are Kept away from People

Before they go into the House, at the Beginning.


And TAYLOR was talking about taking and USING



She said that she Could NOT bring it into the House.


Sounds like she was Hot and Bothered by NOT having 

her Vibrator Toy.


None of the Guys would give her any SATISFACTION.


Untill the last Few Days, her and Monty have been Playing around.


I heard that TAYLOR said that you need a GREAT Vibrator !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I dont know how much more of this Season I will be able to Do for you Peeps.


I hope you have ENJOYED my Previous Posts.


Stay Tuned, Be Safe, Bye for now.

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