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AhMyth Modified Version By Hidden Pirates


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Modified Beta Version
It consists of two parts :

Server side : desktop application based on electron framework (control panel)
Client side : android application (backdoor)
Getting Started
You have two options to install it

1) From source code
Prerequisite :
Electron (to start the app)
Java 8 (to generate apk backdoor)
Electron-builder and electron-packer (to build binaries for (OSX,WINDOWS,LINUX)
2) From binaries
Prerequisite :
Download a binary from here
Java 8 (to generate apk backdoor)
What's new and fixed bugs
Fetch files bug fixes
Device administrator permission added that normal users can not uninstall the payload
Fetching victim's location bug fixes
The name of the apk file has been changed to Google Play Service so that the victim does not understand that it is a payload.
Also has been changed the apk icon.
Android 10 and 11 supported
App icon will hide if the victim's phone's android version is below android 10. (That's why device admin permission added to prevent uninstallation)
Now penetration tester can manually hide and unhide app icon (If victim's android version is below Android 10 then the hide/unhide button will show)
To unhide app icon, dial *55555# and apk icon will be unhidden.








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