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iAmazon v11.0.2.0 [Cracked by PC-RET]


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Amazon checker with cookies saving support.

Information about filesystem:
iAmazonEmulatorGUI.exe - server emulator that needs to be launched before main software
iAmazon.exe - main software
UserAgents.txt - file with useragents that emulator reads and retrieves from during work (you can freely edit this file)
IMAPDatabase.db - list of IMAP servers and ports that emulator works with (you can add your own servers or use your own database, just keep in mind that it should be in exact same format)
start.bat - batch script that launches both emulator and software for your convenience
ipsockets.ini - IP redirection configuration. In this file first line is original IP that gets rewritten, second is IP of server emulator. Edit according to your preferences.
emulator.ini (appears after first launch) - emulator configuration where you can change server emulator port and some other options like filenames

Release by PC-RET

HOW TO USE: unrar, OPEN start.bat!!!

This is the hidden content, please

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