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Cyber Dominance

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Dear CS admins, crackers, and mr Cyber of course,

This post is about you!  Everybody who works on this site are doing his best, and more importantly that they also like to do this. I can't give anything else just only a positive feedback I think in the name of everyone. And in the end I'd like to thank the one who create this site, who is cybershark. This site and people are:







hard working




Thank you again! ?

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Thank you very much @badcheers . ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

Your review shows that we are moving in the right direction based on the decisions. Honestly and as pointed out by you I alone can not have built the site, which is originally built by @ShaDowz and I am the second member of this forum, lots of laughter ?. I again takes this an opportunity to thank the excellent team, that we have built on, which at the moment includes @ShaDowz, @Steven, @badrox, @BOLT, @tinci01, @TridenT, @Christhopher, @3nigma, @crack3r, @PORNKING, @Configex, @littlegrnbx and any other rising stars that I am missing on or have recently joined and are proving their mettle and showing their skills that are essential for the growing of the forum, and who have performed beyond our planning stages and taken us to take bold decisions within the first six months of opening of this forum which many others have taken with some time. Also i would take this opportunity to thank vips who suggest to us,  motivate us, and are financially helping the forum. 

Just to keep everyone updated, we today renewed our domain thus we are covered for the domain up till mid of 2020.

Thank you again @badcheers for the review.

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