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Beyond Compare.

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I don't write reviews.

Whether it's for something I bought online, a restaurant I dined at, or for any of the various services I subscribe to. I just don't do it. Even when the man  @cybershark himself sent a message requesting I take the time to express my satisfaction with the forum, I could not be bothered to make the effort. It's been several weeks since then, and I've come to a realization I cannot ignore.

The people who run this site are unrivaled. Not just them, but the crackers that share their hard work and expertise with the community here, however small it is. But that's the thing, even though it's small - yet growing - I have consistently found the best premium passes in the VIP sections. Passes that on many other forums are only shared with active members of the community, like crackers and moderators. That is unbeatable on it's own, but that's not where it ends. I've had passes for the most rare and difficult sites to crack sent to my inbox the next day on several occasions. My requests are always filled and I know that as long as I'm here, they always will be. I cannot say the same for any other forum I've been an advanced member of in the past 5-6 years which is about a dozen, and because the quality of the content is so high here, I don't need to look any further. I have found a place to rest my weary internet soul, a place I can finally call home.

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@toxictoast Thank you very much for the feedback. Hope so some others also follow . The reason for my messaging a request to express your feedback is based on various factors.

1) It provides with information  whether we are following in the right direction or not. Honestly we cannot be our own judge :). 

2) Motivation is always a big factor for alot of people, for example for me, who is lazy as hell sometimes :P.

Great to know that you have a place to finally call home and we will make sure that our family members are always happy :).

Thank you,

Cyber Shark

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