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Devils Child--Big Brother 22 USA--Chat Box

Devils Child

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Hello Peeps,

As you may already know I ran away from Home (HELL).

Got hooked on Big Brother, and decided to hang around for awhile.

There is NO Pic Button, so there will be no Pic's. 😡 😱 :ohshit:

So It will be me, and if some Peep wants to share something, you more than welcome to do so.


CBS has Protection on their website, where you cannot download something.

Well I found a Program, and I have downloaded Season's 1 thru 4 of Big Brother USA so far.

They have a 2 Hour Premier tonight, and I will find out who the Houseguests will be.

And will be back tomorrow to tell you.

So stay tuned, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

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Here is a List of the Houseguests,

01) Cody
02) Ian
03) Nicole A
04) Kevin
05) Memphis
06) Dani
07) Christmas
08) Bayleigh
09) Nicole F
10) Dayonne
11) Tyler
12) Enzo
13) Janelle
14) Keesha
15) David
16) Kaysar

Remember these People have all Played Big Brother before.

So far they have all been very cautious, and trying to be very careful  of what they say and do.

Cody is the First HOH, and will have to nominate 2 People.

Already there seems to be some that are not as close to each other, which does not look good for them.

They are doing a comp now, so will be back later, with that info.

Stay Tuned.

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Well there is something called Safety Suite.

For 3 Weeks, everybody can use it ONE TIME, to save themselves for that week.

Keesa Got Voted out tonight.

Memphis Is the NEW HOH.

This will be their 1st Full Week schedule, I think things will start heating up, and Alliances will start Forming more.

The guy who Makes BB viewer, has made a Chrome Extension, and seems to be working pretty good.

So I'm Off,  Stay Tuned


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Sorry Peeps,

My Internet has been very unstable since our Big Storm.

I think Nicole A was voted out.

Tyler is NEW HoH

he put Janielle & Kaysar on the Block

Cody won VETO

Janielle will Probably be voted out, thurs.

so I hope I got that right.

I think Christmas is going to get a Punishment, more info on that later.

So Peeps, stay Tuned, I will try to do better.

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Howdy Peeps,

My Internet is Back.

Christmas has a Punishment, where she has this Star Pillow,  and she has to be a Mother to it.

Feed it--Burp it--etc.

It started off with just one, now she has NINE.

They wake her up at night to do feeding, and change the diapers.

The first 3 Names are

All star

Safety Star

Sugar Star

Don't know the names of the others.

It still looks like Janielle is still the one to leave Thurs night.

Looks to be like a boring week.

Well take Peeps, back Later.

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Hello Peeps,

Well Jani was voted out.

Enzo is the New HOH

He Put up KEVIN & KAYSAR on the Block.

Kevin won VETO, and will take himself off the block.

Don't know who will be the Replacement yet.

KAYSAR Probably has a good chance of getting voted out anyways.

there will Probably/maybe be a twist this week, we shall see.

So stay tuned, back later.

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Hello Peeps,

well KAYsar got Voted OUT.

Christmas is the NEW HOH

Well keep an EYE and EAR this week, because this could be an Interesting week.

Christmas is Planning on putting DA & BAY on the Block.

so BAY has a History of taking things Personal, so we might just see some Fire Works.

There is also a NEW Twist this week, I know some info, but will wait till I hear more info.

There is a little talk of a back Door, but I don't expect it to happen.

Noms I think are sat, so we might get fire works.

So stay tuned, back later.

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I found more about the Twist this week.

Basement Powers

The powers and who has them and what they do:

Christmas: The blocker (prevent yourself or hg from being a replacement nominee.. good for the next 3 veto meetings)

Dani: The replay (allows a hoh to play back to back hoh competitions. She can use on herself or give to someone else .. for current hoh or next two)

David: The disruptor *disrupts a hoh reign by secretly saving a nominee and forcing the hoh to name a new one. he can save himself for the next 3 nomination ceremonies.

I think tomorrow Xmas will say she is NOT using the Veto.

And Bay will go home Thur.

There are 3 left, that I am calling the Bottom of the Barrel


The rest have some Protection because of Alliances.

I guess that is it, You Peeps are welcome to say something,

It would make things easier, if someone would say something.

Any Question or Comment is welcome.

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Hello Peeps,

Well Kevin and David was on the Block.

And the BB Gods have spoken again.

DAVID won a special Power, and took himself off the Block

DANI being the HOH, put TYLER up for the Re-Placement

Also, DA won the Veto, and is talking about taking Kevin off the Block.

So we will see what happens with that.

So I think that is it for now.

Stay tuned, Be Back Later.


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Hi Peeps,

Well IAN got voted out-----also he is 1st  juror in jury house.


He put DA & Kevin on the block.

I dont care which one leaves, neither will last much longer.

DAVID looks to be the Floater, who they are carrying along for now.

The twist this week, went bust, so nothing there.

So stay tuned, back later.

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ZINGBOT with his ZINGS Visited the Big Brother House.

Here they are,

I can't believe I;m on bb all stars. and i cant believe you are either .. david.

Enzo.. Whats more pathetic than a man in his forties calling himself meow meow? .. nothing.

Memphis.. most people think of you as dan's number one.. but you are no more than a giant number 2!

Corey. you are a perfect 10 but enough about your IQ!
(Nicole: one time i told him i am a pescatarian and he thought it was a religion. Corey: what's a High IQ though?!)

Dani. on your first season you looked like an old pro. now you just look... old.

Christmas what's the difference between you and a holiday season? one is cold, stress-inducing and annoying and one is the holiday season.. zing.. (tyler: we have to live with christmas after this zing bot. shut up. she sleeps with a pistol on her side!... Dayvonne: her azz needs to be called halloween)

kevin i came up with a new nickname that captures you perfectly.. booorrrinn

tyler what do you call someone that who says the real winner gets the girl not the 500,000? a liar.

Dayvonne, You've done three seasons of big brother and two seasons of the challenge. so im dying to know which reality show do you plan to lose next? (dayvonne .. i ALMOST won the challenge, okay?!)

Nicole i wrote a song for you .. here comes the bride! she loves to cry! every time i hear her voice i want to fuccin die... (Nicole .. that was so mean.. do you want a monotone super weird voice? i do not sound whiney.. but, THAT sounded whiney tho).

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Hello Peeps,

Well they had the TRIPLE Eviction last night.

Kevin--then David-- then Dani.

They are down to the Final 6.

Sounds like Cody and Enzo think they have a good chance at making it to the Final 2.

This next HOH is Very--Very Important.

It could set up, who goes next, etc.

There are cross alliances between them,  so it really depends on WHO  wins next.

It could be interesting to see, who they talk to, and who they try to back stab.

This is the turning point in the game, this is going to feel like the Final 3.

So Buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

So as always, stay Tuned, Back Later.

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Hi Peeps,

Well Memphis got voted out tonight.

Enzo Won HOH tonight.

I was hoping that Christmas would win it.

Now Enzo has to Put 2 People on the Block.

I think the Big Question this week is, will Enzo be Loyal, or go for the Win ???

If he wants to be Loyal, he will NOT put Cody on the Block.

If he wants to go for the Win, THEN he Will put Cody on the Block.

If he don't put Cody on the Block, then it Will Probably be Nicole and Christmas.

If he Put's Up Cody on the Block, then it Will Probably be Cody and Christmas.

This next VETO is very IMPORTANT, the person who wins, gets to vote out the next Person.

So were getting very close to the FINALE.

So WHO will Win the Half Million Dollars ????????

Stay Tuned Peeps, back Later.

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Well Peeps,

I'm sorry to say Cody Won the VETO Tonight.

So that Pretty well means we will be saying Good Bye to Christmas.

That means, Cody--Enzo--Nicole will be the FINAL 3.

If Cody makes it to Final 2, he will most Likely Win.

If Christmas would have Won the Veto tonight,

she would have shook things up.

I think she would have voted out Cody.

So we will see how it ends,

So tuned Peeps, Back Later.


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Howdy Peeps,

Well Cody Voted out Christmas tonight.

And they are down to FINAL 3.


Now there will be a 3 Part FINALE (HOH) Comp.

Next Wed will be FINALE Night.

It is usually Boring in the House, during this time.

But I have GOOD News.

I hear Big Brother Australia has started Filming (NO LIVE Cams).

And Big Brother Canada will be coming back next year (LIVE Cams).

I hope Nicole Wins, But the Odds are Probably with Cody winning.

So stay tuned Peeps, Back Later. 

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Hi Peeps,

Well they had Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH comp last night.

it was Nicole & Inzo----Nicole WON.

Part 2 will be Cody and Enzo.

The winner of Part 2, will Play Nicole.

The Winner of Part 3, gets to go to the Final 2.

The Winner of Part 3, Also gets to choose who goes to the Final 2 with him.

So we shall see what happens Weds night.

So Peeps, thanks for Peeping in on me.

Back Later.


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Hi Peeps,

Well Wed Night is the FINAL night for this Season.

I just wanted to Thank You all for Peepin in on me.

I have 1.1k Views so far this Season.

So I hope to be around for a few more years.

I am Not ready to go back to Hell Yet, but I do miss some of my Friends there.

And I think my Dad the Devil, is a little Pisssssed off at me.

So stay tuned for Wed Night, back later.

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