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Uh Oh.  Don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but did our VIP accounts just get seriously downgraded as a result of this new "diamond" level membership?  Hard to see it not being the case, with crackers wanting to spend more time now servicing the Diamond club.  I get it--top tier members pay for that privilege. 

But perhaps you might consider upgrading long term and/or 6 mo/annual VIP members for free for the term of their existing membership, and allow them to make a choice when their membership expires as to continue back with normal "VIP" (whatever that means now), vs true diamond VIP.  Or find an option to provide diamond at a reduced rate for longer term VIP members?  Or, maybe you've done that and my sorry ass simply didn't qualify. 

Just a thought...


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Hello @jwjon1,

It has not downgraded, it is twitched so that it does not complicate the overall system.  There are many reasons for that for the development of diamond group:

Firstly we try our best to crack every site that the vip requests, if you go over the request section you will see that over the past year, we have received sites that have computer generated user and pass, have some sort of recapthca, even is some email or sort of verification is required and we have cracked it, but time wise and financially it was not a wise decision. Reason behind it is that 99.999 % sites are doable but if I start cracking a single website which can take me days to crack then surely  I might be doing a vip a favor but with other vips it would not be fair because in the end I  end up cracking a single request compared to where the other vips do not get anything. Now to solve that there are two ways, one either I increase my capacity of the server that i am utilizing for cracking purposes or either I start giving more time. I myself am doing as a hobby and want to keep it as it is, and similarly others are also doing it as a hobby.

Secondly, you yourself would have noticed site securities have increased and it will keep on increasing and to tackle those security features you have to rely on more tools  which means investment for us and similarly extra care when using that account for vips, for example in case of cam accounts and they generally end up quickly, thus so they active more longer, and users that are willing to share on that investment for that sole purpose.

Thirdly, a cracker might end cracking account or accounts that is rare to him also, but he wants to share with others to show off but knows that too much use and it will die or get used up quickly.

Diamond group is not created in competition of Vip Group but it is a parallel group, which allows us to keep competition within our crackers alive because if crackers feel that they have to spend time decision making which one to post and which one not to it all will become a hard decision 🙂 and with out crackers there isn't any cracking site honestly :). Also you might have already seen uptill now that we are regularly posting the accounts in vip as peviously thus nothing has changed, apart from giving crackers another section which they can utilize to post stuff, ,and if a user things that it is worth it then he or she can purchase the subscription to that section.

We already have gotten two diamond users and those two diamond users have been with the site almost from the very start. Both the options that you have listed are available and on the table, only rule is that you have to message @Nad or @littlegrnbx  in regards to that diamond section and whether you can join it or not, if approved which ever option you feel choosing we can work on that.

I would also like to point out if two other vips got diamond, your or any other vips chances should be same, thus why not go for it if you are interested.

If any question then please feel free to update me :).



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Sites like memberarea-x and africancasting in  Diamond Zone? I've been waiting months for them to be published in the VIP Zone. I agree with jwjon1. Did our VIP accounts just get seriously downgraded as a result of this new "diamond" level membership.


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@mariano nothing has changed. we still post accounts In vip area on a daily basis.

the only diffrence between the two is that diamond more specialized on live cam accounts. 

you might see some exclusive accounts there as well, that's because its DIAMOND. and only trusted members would join that area. which make us prevent the leechers. and like that those accounts might last longer. :)

Anyway you still have the request section if you're willing to get a pass for a site., make a request.

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