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Hello CrackingStation Community,

As per on request of many members we, Crackingstation.com team, proudly launches a new section known as Diamond Section.

The benefits of the Diamond Section are as follows:

1) The diamond section will have a separate and concentrated section for cam sites. As cam site are usually hard to crack in comparison to regular sites, diamond section will more focus will be on cam sites.

2) Anything that is rarer and considered as higher quality than the quality of accounts within our vip is most likely will be posted to diamond section and can be found there. Not only it will focus on more rare sites but sites that accounts of higher quality and that are hugh in demand and request by general population also, such as onlyfans and similar type of sites. Remember what might be rare for you, can be rare for a cracker too thus the value of that item is greater than thought for both parties and usually a cracker would like to share with fewer people to keep the account intact.

3) Highest priority will be given to diamond requests. Have a site that  you think as uncrackable, not any more, diamond requests are almost Guaranteed to be completed.

4) Will include much more exclusive combos, passfiles and configs.

5) A diamond user will have access to vip sections and advantages that a vip user also has. Please check this thread to learn about vip advantages: https://crackingstation.com/topic/918-vip-subscription-information/

6) Diamond users will have their own distinguished color.


Who can obtain diamond membership:

Only the ones that Crackingstation.com team deem as our long time supporters and ones that we put our trust on would be able to obtain access to diamond membership. It is free to all to try for it, but chances for a newly registered member is almost zero when compared with a long term vip.


Diamond Membership Prices 

1 Month Membership: 36€

2 Month Membership: 75€ 

3 Month Membership:  100€

6 Month Membership:  175€ ( 1 month is free - based on pricing )

1 Year Membership: 300€ (More than 2 months free - based on pricing)

To buy Diamond Membership for Cracking Station via payal contact @Nad OR @littlegrnbx For any payment to be done vial bitcoins please feel free to contact @Nad OR @littlegrnbx OR @Sphinx
 via Skype or through Private Message. 





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