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Please read before requesting!


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Please read before requesting!

First of all, password request is extra service that we offer our VIP members. Our priority basis is sharing daily and regular passes. Every site can not be cracked ,but that does not mean that you shouldn't request. Some 
steps to understanding how to decide whether a site is hard or not:

1- If the site has "Google Recaptcha / Robot" on the login page, then it is considered quite hard. Request it to have a look at that, and we will update whether we can do it or not.

2- Checking the "Join / Signup" page of the site. If the username and password are selectable, then the site looks like crackable. If the username and password
are not selectable then it is considered quite hard, then the site username and password will generate their own. We can crack it but it may require time and considered as hard.

3- After two simple steps, there may be have other security steps, we will see them when cracking. Like to send an
activation code to phone or email, IP or country protection (such as a UK based account, not working in another country) etc thus it will under the category of hard.

4- Do not request
credit cards, paypal, shipping and other banking related! 

So please do not open multiple topics for the same request and do not bump the topic/s. Your password will be sent as soon as possible, or if it can not be sent, the reason will be indicated. We will like to crack all of your requests, but unfortunately that cannot be done due to time and other variables thus monthly request allowed are listed below.


Once you have received your request fill, please wait at least 12-24 hours before logging in as there will be a chance of blocking the account otherwise.

Monthly request is as follow:

1) General sites: If it is a general site required then you can request 2 sites per month.

2) Hard sites: If you are looking for any hard to crack site then it is 1 site per month.

* Only completed requests are counted.

Best Regards,
Cracking Station and its Team.

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