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announcement CrackingStation.com - 1 Year Celebrations

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Hello Everyone,

What started a new site, CrackingStation.com on 21st June 2018 has turned a year old. It is just the beginning for us, and will suitable resources will expand more as we move forward.

Thanks to all members who joined it and are contributing on the site.

Special Thanks to our VIP Members who have kept this community alive and running financing.

Massive Thanks to Team Members who have contributed through various ways and spend time in building this CrackingStation community.

Please let me use this thread as a platform to discuss our nearby future plans also:

1) Hosting is going to renewed soon, in two months time, thus if you do know of any good hosting company please do suggest me or else I would stick with the one that we are using.

2)  We are reopening the video section soon again for the VIPS.

Once again thank you all for keeping this community alive, running and oiled and enabling us to lay a platform from where we can implement ideas and implements that are liked by the majority and benefits users who have a very good and faithful intention for the community.

Thank you,

Cracking Station Team

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congrats!!!  special thanks to the staff of cs and the wonderful cracking team. may cs live long and prosper, leecher-free!!!


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