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Hello My Peeps,

I have some Malware info to tell you about.

My Brother was telling me about this, so I googled it.

BlackRock Maleware

Around May 2020 ThreatFabric analysts have uncovered a new strain of banking malware dubbed BlackRock that looked pretty familiar. After investigation, it became clear that this newcomer is derived from the code of the Xerxes banking malware, which itself is a strain of the LokiBot Android banking Trojan. The source code of the Xerxes malware was made public by its author around May 2019, which means that it is accessible to any threat actor.

BlackRock still works like most Android banking trojans, though, except it targets more apps than most of its predecessors.

The trojan will steal both login credentials (username and passwords), where available, but also prompt the victim to enter payment card details if the apps support financial transactions.

Per ThreatFabric, the data collection takes place via a technique called "overlays," which consists of detecting when a user tries to interact with a legitimate app and showing a fake window on top that collects the victim's login details and card data before allowing the user to enter the intended legitimate app.

To show the overlays, BlackRock isn't that unique, and, under the hood, BlackRock works like most Android malware these days and uses old, tried, and tested techniques.

Once installed on a device, a malicious app tainted with the BlackRock trojan asks the user to grant it access to the phone's Accessibility feature.

The Android Accessibility feature is one of the operating system's most powerful feature, as it can be used to automate tasks and even perform taps on the user's behalf.

BlackRock uses the Accessibility feature to grant itself access to other Android permissions and then uses an Android DPC (device policy controller, aka a work profile) to give itself admin access to the device.

It then uses this access to show the malicious overlays, but ThreatFabric says the trojan can also perform other intrusive operations, such as:

Intercept SMS messages
Perform SMS floods
Spam contacts with predefined SMS
Start specific apps
Log key taps (keylogger functionality)
Show custom push notifications
Sabotage mobile antivirus apps, and more

So I know very little about Malware etc.

But I thought I would let my Peeps know about this.

Be careful, and remember to wash your hands. 🙌

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I got an E-Mail supposedly from MetArt.

And they wanted me to buy a LIFETIME Membership of Playboy Plus for $99 Dollars.

I checked PlayboyPlus and it's true, and they give you a Month of PlayboyTV for FREE.

Don't know if my Peeps are interested in That, but thought I would let you know.

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Well It looks like we are going to get Big Brother 22 USA.

The Houseguests are in LA, and are in Quarantine.

They say its going to start Aug 5th.

It's going to be People that have played before.

Once they get into the House, they will be tested every week.

There are Rumors who they might be.

When I find out more, I will let you Peeps know.

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Still good news,

Big Brother is still going to start Aug 5th.


Something that they rarely do lately,

They are going to do a LIVE Movin.

We are going to see them LIVE as they enter the house.

Usually we see a edited version of the Movin.

Just rumors so far of who the Houseguests will be.

And No Info of what the House will look like this time.

I dont know about you Peeps, but I'm getting excited.

So stay tuned, exciting times ahead. :dance:

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Hi Peeps,

Big Brother 22 USA is starting Wed the 5th.

I have Posted Pic's in the Past,

But for some reason this Forum don't have the Proper buttons ANYMORE to allow me to Post Pic's from my Folder.

I am trying to get them to fix it.

So we shall see, stay tuned.



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Hello Peeps,

Big Brother 22 starts tonight.

As you know I have Posted Pic's before, but the button is not there anymore.

So NO more Posting Pic's from me, anywhere anymore from me.

I am going to make a Big Brother 22 section, to tell you about what is going on.

I will be watching the LIVE feeds.

So back later, need to mow my yard etc.

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Well I'm BACK,

We had a big STORM come thru here.

It Knocked out our Power for a few Days.

A BIG tree fell in our yard from next door, and hit the back of the House where my Bedroom is.

They are finally here today, checking things out.

My Computer was saved, so thats good.

It could have been much worse, it was a BIG tree.

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Hello Peeps,

I was watching the Chauvin Trial,

and the Jury came back with Guilty Verdicts for all 3 Counts.


There was ZERO Factual Evidence, SO how did they find him GUILTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I guess sometimes you get DEAF-----DUMB-------BLIND Jurors.

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Howdy Peeps,

I have been getting more interested in these CAM Girls.

I dont talk to them, but I like watching them play around with things.

and have been recording some stuff tooooooo.

What about YOU Peeps, do you like CAM Girls ??????

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