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About Me

  1. Program: Goodnight Launcher v4.0 - Cracked by me Cracked the Verification and removed the Debugger detection ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What does it do: "It is an effective, safe & super powerful auto farming bot for many mobile games that auto plays unlimited accounts" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6muZWI7wuVc ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Which Games: Th
  2. Description: A tool to scan and find vulnerable websites. Features: -Supports Multi. Online search engine (to find the trajects); -Automated exploiting and analyzing from a URL list; -Automated search for data in a bulk URL list; -Automated analyzer for injections points using URL, POST, Cookies, UserLogin or UserPassword; -Dumper supports dumping data with multi-threading (databases/tables/columns/fetching data); -Exploiter supports up to 100x threads; -Analyzer and Dumper supports up to 50x threads; -Advanced WAF bypass methods; -Advanced custom query box; -Dumper
  3. New Features: Version 2.0: - New Design/Form made from Scratch! Google's Material Design! - Fully Responsive and Resizable Debug Form! - HUGE Performance improvements. - New Encryption key for Config Encryption, Note that you can still load old encrypted configs! - Fixed Memory Leak. - Added Database File to View Unknown List Debug Logs to prevent High Memory usage and possible crash on huge Unknown items. - Added Optimized and Smart CloudFlare 5 Seconds Challenge page Solver! Add "CFPassDelay = 5000" to the Stages that need to pass the CloudFlare (Recommended to use it in all St
  4. [Hidden Content] Note: Configs from legit version do not work on Cracked version! You can only load cracked version config into this. CHANGELOG FOR VERSION 2.5.1 MAJOR: - [Bugfix] Massively reduced the CPU usage - [Change] Turned the useless "encode content" option into "save response source". When disabled, this allows you to avoid saving the response source (e.g. when you only need to get the cookies and the response is too long). This allows you to give much less load to the CPU on newly created configs (when possible). - [Feature] In th
  5. Good news? We cracked the latest version of Black Bullet where all crashes, CPU overloading, and UI fixs, a new theme feature and he optimized the checker for a fasteer speed and more of features in there! VS LINK SCAN: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/ae5a89df83192ef3942ed3b9f03524132854d724831794c092f088eee04b9041/detection [Hidden Content]
  6. [Shopsocks5.com] Service Socks5 Cheap Check Socks5 Online http://shopsocks5.com/check/ This really useful site that checks if SOCKS5 are LIVE or DIE Another extremely useful thing is that it parses out SOCKS5 and ports if you copy paste a number of SOCKS5. You can check unlimited SOCKS5 a day, but check Limit 50 SOCKS5 at a time. Paste SOCKS5 into the box. You can click check Blacklist or no click Blacklist and click check Here is the image check SOCKS5 Contact: Skype: Shopsocks5 Email: [email protected] ICQ: 727362912
  7. Checker with 1) AirVPN 2) Crunchyroll 3) Fornite 4) MLB 5) HideMyAss 6) buyproxy.ru 7) Spotify 8} DameFans (REVISION) 9) RapidGator 10) DEATHBYCAPTCHA ( USER:PASS ) 11) ClaroVideo 12) CoinPot 13) JustEat España 14) CHATURBATE 15) BitDefender 16) Blim 17) Hulu 18) FullAccess 19) Netflix 20) Mofos (REVISION) 21) MiBP 22) Cinesa 23) Storytel 24) Dominos ( USA / CANADA ) 25) Deezer 26) Pokemon Go 27) Papa John's 28) STEAM FA 29) HBO España 30) League of Legends 31) ROBLOX ( USER:PASS ) 32) RealityKings 33) BotString 34) Dese
  8. [Hidden Content] put this updater in openbullet folder and run updater VIrus total [Hidden Content]
  9. Virustotal: [Hidden Content] Download link: [Hidden Content] Pass: [Hidden Content]
  10. [Hidden Content] Check the last commits here: https://github.com/openbullet/openbullet/commits/master
  11. Download complete Premium Cracking tools for absolutely Free . Tools include Keyloggers , RATS , and other Premium Tools and Bots . [Hidden Content]
  12. Email Checker Pro Full Activated Verify Email Addresses Are Really Existing in Batch Mode DOWNLOAD LINK Check Validity & Existence Both without Sending Work in Batch Mode Import/Export Email Addresses (csv, txt, xls(x) with Multi-sheet) Fast Checking (hundreds/min), the More the Faster due to Multi-threaded Real-time Statistics (Counts & 3D Pie Chart) During Checking Advanced Excel Import/Export Algorithm Makes Efficient Behavior Tell You The [Result], [Description] (Reason of Result), [Suggestion], [Interaction] (Between Email Checker Pro and
  13. Virustotal: [Hidden Content] Download link: [Hidden Content]
  14. Link: [Hidden Content] Instruction:After extraction Run "Anomaly Updater.exe" Recommend:Vmware/VPS VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2424c0323f7ac85eb197239d14acd6364deee99f961da27233d41a15d70d154f/detection
  15. Link:[Hidden Content] VT:https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/...08e4fbb86bad709519e0f3b8/analysis/1520886405/ Password: [Hidden Content]
  16. What's New in v2.1.8-3? 1- Synchronous settings have been made. 2- Added 2 separate proxy checkers. (Basic ping, advanced location, speed, type) 3- Proxy test number, ban / disable status visualized. 4- 2 Exit and Replace feature is added to variables. 5- Afterredirect url post data feature added. [Hidden Content] VT [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  17. https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/5c336006b56fbef6d7008ab0e756fd5beb96bcb6c05fe107db71514407b9b4bb/detection [Hidden Content]
  18. OpenBullet 1.1.5 (Latest) Changelog: - Fixed Auth proxies and improved Selenium blocks Download: [Hidden Content] Virus total: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9788c68c3cace7d5229b744c08095606a01a4890876846a90e218eb63512abe8/detection
  19. Hello guys, here is the final Edition of the Google Proxy Checker. Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  20. Name: BANGBROS CHACKER V.2.0 Why choose this 1.fast 2.stable 3.capture Only Premium Account 4. Don,t have to load any other tool and config , just load combo and used it 5. vary light tool and fast 6. Used with Any Proxy I Perfer to used with 50 bot. How to To register 1.Go to register 2. enter name 3. Email And U Done Only We are Give Us 1 Day Free Trial Cheap Rate Premium 10$ for month Unlimited This is full clean verson https://
  21. -OCR Testing / Login Analyzer / SubWordlist in SilverBullet -Supported drag drop wordlist,proxy,config -Fixed maximum mainwindow -Added input box for bots -Added Analyze login page (block request) -Added edit wordlist -Updated wordlist tools -Fixed Reported bugs Requirement: [Hidden Content] Link: [Hidden Content] Recommend:Vmware/VPS VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6dde34730e773af7d9bc8645445afd9bc929a21e990a65b3ce62eb9300edc6a9/detection
  22. Link: [Hidden Content] VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/60e99f67ea7080e78041b8c582500da516d0b2f75d4b65c9b5f2de686dc75dd5/detection
  23. Hello guys, here is a working checker for xvideos, it shows results in both Email:Pass and User:Pass VirusTotal : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c61724df7e3f40547f5122f077d8d2a7062bae66a0639fa6a0fd2e5545e25b3d/detection Download : [Hidden Content]
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