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  1. site: purebj.com login: https://purebj.com/members/ Thanks in advance 😃
  2. site: openlife.com login: https://www.openlife.com/en/login Thanksin advance 😃
  3. site: karups.com members-url: https://members.karups.com/ logintype: OCR [email protected] I think they've changed the url-login interface.... Thank you 😃
  4. Today I just tried to login like I always do, but as soon as the cloudflare Ddos page was checked, I instantly got an anoying 520 error (server unreachable). note: Using a paid VPN server (trough NordVPN). security first, Id just like to hidemyazz 😃
  5. request: inthecrack.com membersurl: https://inthecrack.com/#
  6. sitename: erotic4u.com membersurl1: https://erotic4u.com/MembersArea [Hidden Content] Thanks in advance amigo's 😆
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