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  1. @littlegrnbx is this still current? thanks.
  2. isn't there rollover for requests? im just kidding. but its a good idea imo. thanks!
  3. hiya fellas. looking to catch up on new scenes for this site. i will patiently await any response. url: https://spankmonster.com biller: CENTROBILL thanks!
  4. i haven't seen this one here yet so i'm guessing it's one of those impossible ones. can any cracker confirm this? thanks.
  5. crack master has done it again. way to fucking go man!
  6. sup guys. looking to get into this one. thanks in advance! url: https://members.5kporn.com/login biller: epoch
  7. @littlegrnbx that was fast...a thousand thanks!!!
  8. hey there, me again was hoping to get this one. haven't seen it posted on here in a long time. site url: https://www.fit18.com/ biller: comodo secure thanks for looking!
  9. hello amazing staff. today i am requesting a new site. url: https://deeplush.com biller: ccbill/epoch thanks in advance my dudes!
  10. @tinci01 damn dude that was speedy af! thanks my man!!
  11. hello to the amazing crackers and staff of CS. hope you are all healthy and happy. now to get down to business. was hoping to get a pass for this site. also, any tips on making the account last longer? i know they use geo-location, but it's impossible to know what country the account origin is from. thanks for everything, bye! site url: https://members.perfectgonzo.com/ biller: epoch
  12. how about ps4 accounts? is that possible/workable even?
  13. congrats!!! special thanks to the staff of cs and the wonderful cracking team. may cs live long and prosper, leecher-free!!!
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