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  1. Greeting! Can I have config for stripchat / xhamster live if really the same site.? Many thanks!
  2. Greetings! Can is request oprnbullet config for this site? Not problem if needs captcha service. Many thanks!
  3. Greetings! PLease inform me this request can be done or not, becouse it is the end of the month. So if it cant be solved. I make another request. And i dont know that is still in progress or need i ask for other one. Many thanks! dazexy
  4. Greetings! My second request for this month is a wordlist for any GSM related sites. (Sony samsung nokia, firmware, tables, mobile phones, etc...) Any forum or site combo dump will be great. (I have only infinity . black ones) Many Thanks! dazexy
  5. Greetings! I like to ask an OB config for this site if possilbe. https://hu.stripchat.com/login I think it has CF. If need patcha service is can buy any. Many Thanks!
  6. i have live account to this site. It requies only mail and pass (not generated). If it has a little chance to make a config for this i can send it private.
  7. I like to ask for a config for my country HBO site. https://hbogo.hu/login The main problem that this site works only hungarian ip range. So if possible this is my first request in this mounth. dazexy
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