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  1. Greatt , thanks for all yout effort .appreciate it
  2. thanks champ for the work put in👍
  3. Kidding, nothing to say except good words. Very clean, very simple to navigate and you dont run too much into bullshit posts. Hats off to the staff and owners for building and maintaining this site.👍
  4. Hi, hope you enjoyed last times. Special question this time though ; if someone reads this who is very familiar with android and high class tools like pentesting, cracking, etc etc, i would like to come in contact with you. I need someone with good knowledge to explain me some things, and above that i cant find good sources for software en new tools. I think if someone can take the time to help me out a little bit and teach me some things we surely will figure out a appropriate reward. Very serious about this, would be really happy i someone messaged me. Dont come with ¨Super FB
  5. Thnx friend, i value that cu its the online difference you can make online to present yourself proffesionaly and serious
  6. my pleasure, dus dont forget to hit the like button for more of the same coming
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